Tips and Tricks

Make Bluetooth Connection Faster

When looking for a NXT brick, the bluetooth backend will first try to discover which device is available. If you know the Bluetooth address of your brick, you can skip this step.

First connect to your brick to get its address:

import nxt.locator
with nxt.locator.find() as b:

You should see something like:

('NXT', '00:16:53:01:02:03')

Now you can use the address in your programs:

import nxt.locator
with nxt.locator.find(host="00:16:53:01:02:03") as b:
    b.play_tone(440, 1000)

Or in your configuration:

# .nxt-python.conf
host = 00:16:53:01:02:03

How to read inputs while controlling a motor?

When using nxt.motor.Motor.turn(), NXT-Python is kept active while watching the motor. If you need to read sensors at the same time, you can: